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Steering/Gauges - 410 Sprint Car Build

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Welcome to the third episode of the 410 sprint car build series. So far we've mounted the body, brake lines, floor pan and motor plates. Today, we're starting with installing the steering pump. We’re using an adapter bracket because it makes the process of changing a pump or engine easier and faster. The adapter bracket only uses two bolts instead of 4 cap screws. At the track, time is money!

Next, were installing the wing valve. When the wing is adjusted, your controlling the bias front to rear. Riley explains that as the track changes throughout the race, you want to pull the wing back to give the rear tires more grip. When you move the wing forward, it levels out and when you move it back, it gives more pitch.

Then, the KSE power steering gear and mounts are attached. Since we have a half box, we need an extra bracket. The power steering unit is also a reservoir for the steering fluid. After the pump and steering gear are plumbed, we connect the steering gear to the valve. For now, we will plug the ports in the wing valve and plumb the wing cylinder when the wing tree is installed.

After those steps, it’s time to mount the oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, and tachometer. The Tel Tach is very useful for racers because it allows them to see the highest and lowest RPM’s they had throughout the race. We mount it all, keeping the oil pressure gauge on the inside, so we can run a 90 to the back of the block.

Thanks for watching! In the next episode, we will be mounting the seat and harnesses. Be sure to tune in!

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