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What is the Toolbox?

Dig through our Toolbox to learn how-to! Speedway Motors’ automotive blog is packed with how-to videos, automotive tech articles, and expert advice to help you with your project or race car setup. We've leveraged our 60+ years of performance parts expertise to compile hundreds of technical car articles in one easy-to-reference place. Whether your passion is race car setup and preparation, perfecting your showstopper, or simply improving driveability on your old car or truck – we have the technical car articles for you. Learn the best tips and tricks from our in-house experts who spend their nights wrenching in the garage and racing at the track. This automotive blog has everything you need to empower your passion.

Latest Articles

Speedway Motors Announces 2024 Season Sponsorship of Loni Unser
Speedway Motors, a manufacturer, retailer and distributor of high-quality automotive parts and racing products, announced today their sponsorship of Loni Unser for the 2024 race season.
Buyer’s Guide | Prep & Organize Your Race Car Trailer
by Jason Orth - Posted in Race
Organizing your race car trailer can significantly improve efficiency, safety, and performance. Here's a list of essential products from Speedway Motors to keep your trailer in top shape.
Exhaust Manifolds VS Headers | How Much HP Do Headers Add
Headers and manifolds differ in design and function. Long tube headers, shorty headers, and exhaust manifolds each have their pros and cons regarding performance and application.
EFI VS Carb | Is Converting Carb to EFI Worth it | Pros & Cons
by Mark Houlahan - Posted in EFI
We help you decide if converting your pickup, muscle car, or hot rod to EFI is worth the time and expense
How to Choose a Camshaft Explained | Cam Type Selection Chart
The camshaft is the heart of your engine, choose the wrong one and you’re leaving power on the table
Squarebody LS Swap Guide | 73-87 C10 Parts List
If you're ready to swap an LS engine into you '73-'87 Squarebody Chevy or GMC truck, here's a guide to get you started and a parts list to help you get everything you need for your swap.
Museum of American Speed Announces Sea to Sea in a Model T Stops Across the Country
Museum of American Speed announced today Sea to Sea in a Model T stops across the country.
Front Suspension Geometry Explained | Caster Camber Toe
There's a lot going on with your car's front suspension geometry. This guide covers some of the most important suspension concepts, from caster and camber to toe and Ackerman angle.
Fix An Overheating Race Engine | Beyond The Cooling System
by Jason Orth - Posted in IMCA
Overheating is a major cause of DNFs and damaged engines. We'll go beyond the cooling system for solutions to your overheating issues.
How To Do an Alignment at Home | DIY Auto Alignment
Learn how to perform a precise DIY wheel alignment with basic tools at home and achieve professional results with our step-by-step guide.
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