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Brake Lines/Motorplate Installation - 410 Sprint Car Build


Our 410 sprint car just rolled into the shop from EMi. The black powder coated chassis looks sharp, but the team is going to have to work hard to keep it that way. We all know the hardest part about having polished stuff is keeping it that way!

The team starts with bolting the floor pan in. We will be using all titanium hardware, so pretty much every bolt from the floor pan bolts all the way down to the master cylinder will be titanium. When installing the jet nuts, they don’t need to be super tight, but you also want to make sure they are tight enough, so it’s not moving around.

Tackling the brake lines next. We have the AN2 brake line kit with the AN3 ends. We're just going to put them in place and zip tie them for now. We'll get to the bulkheads later once we start doing the axles and then we'll put the bulkheads on and hook up the brake lines. Tyler finds it easier to do the brake lines without the motor plate because you can feed it all right through.

Next up is the motor plate. When you’re installing this, you’ll notice a notch towards the bottom of the motor plate that helps with the brake line clearance. It’s pretty slick and avoids you having to grind it yourself. You’ll want to make sure the bolts on the motor plate are snug. We torqued ours. You aren’t winning any races if that drops out in the middle of the front straight!

The guys wrap up by adding the freshly waxed and polished dash. Next time we’ll install the steering gear and wing lines. Check back later for detailed how-to videos and more from our 410 Sprint Car Build.

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