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How To Crimp Spark Plug Wires and Install Boots


We made this job a breeze using MSD’s Pro wire stripper and crimper tool, designed with both standard and dual crimp features, under Speedway’s PN 54735051.

We installed plug boots and terminal ends that are used for socket style distributor caps. However, this procedure will be similar with a variety of different cable ends.

  1. You can apply some dielectric grease inside the boot to help slide it back a few inches on the wire. Doing this step first will save you the hassle of trying to install the boot after the terminal has been installed.
  1. Strip the outer silicone layer, leaving about ¾-inch to 1-inch of conductor wire visible.
  1. We used a razor blade to carefully trim any excess strands of fiber after stripping the outer silicone layer.
  1. Slide the terminal in place with the conductor wire folded over and positioned inside the saddle. This will help prevent the wire from springing out.
  1. Slide the wire and terminal into your crimp tool and squeeze firmly until the terminal tabs are folded over securely crimped to the spark plug wire.
  1. Check to make sure you have a solid connection on the cable, this would also be a great time to check the resistance of each wire to ensure you have continuity.
  1. Then simply slide the boot over the terminal end and repeat each step.

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