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Mark Houlahan's Articles
Mark Houlahan
Member since Nov 17 2020

While Mark may be somewhat new to the Speedway Motors family, having joined us in the fall of 2020, he is certainly not new to creating engaging content for the automotive aftermarket. Mark has always enjoyed telling a story with words on paper (and now a screen) since high school where he was the editor of the school paper. It would be after college before he could put his love of cars and writing together to start a long career (nearly three decades!) writing and editing for numerous automotive magazines. In that span of time he even was able to squeeze out a book on the super popular Fox body Mustangs that were built from 1979-1993. In 2023, Mark received the honor of being inducted into the Mustang Owner's Museum Hall of Fame. He joined Mustang icons Parnelli Jones (Trans Am racing icon) Gary Patterson (President of Shelby American, Inc.) and Steve Prewitt (President of the Mustang Club of America) in only the 5th HoF class in the Museum's history. After many years writing about automotive performance and restoration, including the restoration of his own 1966 Ford Mustang hardtop, building a really cool Factory Five Racing Mk 3 Cobra replica, and most recently handling a full performance buildup of his own Fox Mustang, Mark comes to us ready to help Speedway Motors usher in a new level of content for our customer base!

Mark Houlahan's Articles

There are a multitude of automotive jack choices to get the job done, but which jack is best (and safest!) for the job at hand? Read our buyer’s guide to find out.
Exhaust clamps are the perfect DIY solution to assembling your performance exhaust system at home, but what is the best clamp to use for your application. Find out in our buyer’s guide.
Upgrading to (or updating a poorly designed) independent front suspension, or IFS, will vastly improve your classic muscle car, hot rod, or pickup truck’s braking and handling
Making great horsepower on a budget is the LS engine family’s claim to fame, but just like any other engine, the more power you ask of it the more you’ll need to spend
Changing your tire’s profile, be it width, height, or both, can provide increased traction, braking, and handling. Learn more in our guide.
Drag and Drive events have simply exploded over the last few years. Where else can you see insane drag racing and then follow the cars on the street to their next track?
Determining the correct flexplate for your V8 Mopar-powered project takes a little understanding of how these engines were balanced. Our Mopar flexplate buyer’s guide will help.
Ford’s small block and big block engine families have their share of flexplate differences. We’ll show you what to look for in this buyer’s guide.
Over several generations of small block Chevy (and big block Chevy) engines there have been several changes that dictate what flexplate works with them. We’ll help you determine the correct flexplate for your Chevy engine in this buyer’s guide.
The LS swap is no doubt still going strong, but if you’re planning to run an automatic behind your 4.8, 5.3, or 6.0L LS-powered ride, you’ll need to pay attention to a few items we discuss in this buyer’s guide.
Learn how to hook up a 1-wire alternator on your vehicle. 1-wire alternators are perfect for engine swaps or just keeping things simple for your project.
The engine’s flexplate is a critical part to transferring power to your drivetrain. Using the correct part is imperative to engine longevity and proper drivetrain assembly.
Ammeters and voltmeters are two very different ways of monitoring your vehicle’s charging system. Both are better than an “idiot light” but which one is right for your build?
From a mild leveling to slammed and “in the weeds” there are several options to lowering a C10. We discuss the options in our ’67-’72 C10 lowering guide.
If you’re planning to participate in any motorsports activity you need to be aware of the safety helmet requirements and what helmet features are best for the particular activity you’re involved in.
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