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Jason Lubken's Articles
Jason Lubken
Member since Jul 1 2016

Jason Lubken got into the automotive industry by learning from the best. Damon Lee, editor of the Goodguy Gazette, taught him about marketing in the automotive world, and Jason’s longtime friend Zach Raddatz taught him about building anything with an engine.

Jason received his Associates Degree in Automotive Technology from Southeast Community College in 2006 and worked for Anderson Ford as a Maintenance Technician, then went on to Husker Automotive. In 2019, Jason came to Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed where he currently works as a Marketing and Multimedia Specialist.

Over the years, Jason channeled his love for muscle cars and motorcycles into serious skills making cars look really, really good in pictures. He’s won Professional Photographers of Nebraska points award in 2018 and 2019, and he’s had multiple cover image credits in Chevy High Performance and Goodguys Gazette. His photos have gone all the way to Fuel Curve, the Goodguys Gazette, Chevy High Performance, and Modern Rodding. After honing his craft in Los Angeles as a Freelance Studio Assistant with Vanessa Stump and Rob Greer, he returned home for his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and graduated in 2016.

Jason built everything on his 1963 Impala SS. The SBC engine, suspension, drivetrain, metal work, exterior glass, body panels...all of it! He also had a hand in the wiring, exhaust, frame fabrication and accessory bolt-ons in a 1979 Vintage Yamaha bike. He’ll also brag about building two entire sheds and charbroil grill.

He’s a member of the Kingsmen Lincoln Car Club, and he’s assisted in numerous shows like Goodguys Columbus, Vintage Torquefest, NSRA SRN, and SEMA.

Jason Lubken's Articles

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