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2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Racers
by Joe McCollough - Posted in News
Check out this list of great Holiday gift ideas from Speedway Motors for that special racer in your life!
2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Car Builders
by Joe McCollough - Posted in News
If you're struggling to find the perfect gift for the hot rod or classic car builder in your life, here's a helpful guide with some great gift ideas from Speedway Motors!
12 Unique Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers for 2021
by Speedway Tech Team - Posted in News
Want to know the perfect gifts for car guys? Or car gals? Our guide breaks down all the car lover gifts into twelve categories, then recommends several unique car enthusiast gifts for each category. Take a look to find the perfect car enthusiast gifts!
Types of Rivets and How to Use Them
by Mark Houlahan - Posted in Tech
Rivets are offered in many styles and are a great fastener when used properly. Our latest buyer’s guide will help you determine the correct style and length of rivet to use in your project.
Performance Spark Plug Buyer’s Guide
by Mark Houlahan - Posted in Tech
There is a lot to consider when choosing the proper spark plug for your engine's intended application and power level. Let us take some of the guesswork out with our spark plug buyer's guide.
Tire Grooving and Siping Tips
by Eric McMillan - Posted in Tech
Learn some helpful tips for using your tire groover as well as what direction to cut your grooves and sipes for maximum side bite and forward bite on your dirt circle track race car.
What You Need to Know About Brake and Fuel Line Flaring and The Tools Required
by Mark Houlahan - Posted in Tech
Custom rides usually require custom brake and fuel lines. Educate yourself on the tools you will need and the proper steps to a successful line assembly in our buyer's guide.
How to Use a Stud Extractor Tool
by Steve Lewis - Posted in Tech
Broken exhaust studs are a common problem. This article describes what you need and how to remove a broken stud from an exhaust manifold. Learn how simple it is to remove broken or stubborn studs with a Titan Tools stud extractor tool.
Fixing up the Mom Van
by Jeff Karls - Posted in Tech
In this article Jeff talks about some very helpful tricks to keep your projects safe and easy to work on. Learn about some of the tools and products Speedway offers to help!
How to use Body Repair Patch Kit and What you need
by Speedway Tech Team - Posted in Tech
A guide on repairing holes in just about anything metal including firewalls, floors and frames. See how to patch holes using our body repair patch panel kit.
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