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Bolt-on Brake Kits for 1949-1954 Chevy Spindles

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Speedway Motors has your disc brake answer for your 1949-1954 Chevy projects. The following kits come standard with 11 inch vented steel rotors, cast iron single piston calipers with pads, brackets and all associated bearings and hardware needed to install on your Chevy style spindles.

91031953 / 91031954

Our 1949-1954 Chevy Bolt-On brake kits are all engineered to be a direct fitment to your machined 1949-54 Chevy car spindles, 1941-59 Chevy pickup spindles, or Speedway '49-'54 Chevy-style spindles. Stock spindles will require minor machine work.

Please note, this kit will not work with stock '49-'54 Chevy steering arms installed on stock '49-'54 Chevy car front ends. Kit is designed for street rod dropped tube front axles using 1949-54 Chevy-style spindles and flat plate steering arms. Kit will not work with "straight" tube axles as the caliper will contact the axle tube before sufficient turning radius is completed.

The kits shown below come designed around 9.25” Mustang II vented steel rotors for those who may experience clearance issues with the 11” kits. Once again, these kits will include calipers, pads, lines, bearing and seals, as well as all associated hardware for a proper install.

91031956 / 91031955

This is a lightweight brake kit for your 49-54 that won’t break the bank. There are some sacrifices, such as the fact that your stock Chevy spindles must be machined, or use Speedway '49-'54 Chevy-style spindles. This kit uses 9-1/4" Mustang II vented rotors with common GM metric calipers.

This kit is recommended for use on Model T and Model A to 1936 front ends. You can use this kit on 49-54 Chevy spindles provided they are on a street rod tube style front end. Do not install this kit on a stock 49-54 front end, as it will not work.

One more note, you may need to machine the edge of the caliper bracket to clear the king pin axle boss.

Speedway Motors also carries Wilwood Brake Kits for your 49-54. Shown below, the kits come with a 10.75” rotor, hubs, calipers and pads, bearing and seal, brackets and all needed hardware as well.

835140150 / 835140151

These kits will come with aluminum hubs, steel rotors, forged Dynalite 4-piston calipers (835140151) or Billet Dynapro 2-piston calipers (83514050), brake pads, bearings, seal, and brackets, and all the hardware you will need.

Please Note: If using steel wheels with this kit, you will also need to purchase (2) steel shims part 835-3007500. These shims will prevent steel wheels from galling the aluminum hub. When using this kit with a tube axle, you must use flat steering arms. 15" minimum wheel diameter for all kits.

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