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Zach Raddatz's Articles
Zach Raddatz
Member since Dec 30 2016
Zach has been interested in cars from around age 10. He spent a few summers hanging around his uncles repair shop and knew that is what he wanted to do. After high school he worked for a local shop specializing in muscle cars and engine repair. After attending trade school for Automotive Technology he worked for a variety of automotive businesses including dealerships, independent shops and a restoration shop. In 2010 he joined the tech team at Speedway and has had the pleasure of traveling to car shows all over the country and meeting many of our great customers in person!

Zach Raddatz's Articles

by Zach Raddatz - Posted in Tech
Shortcuts don't always pay off. Zach Raddatz walk us through his experience with a cheap radiator so we don't make the same mistake!
by Zach Raddatz - Posted in Tech
Now that Project Chevelle is making some real power, it's time to give it a little more fuel. Follow along as we install a new tank and pump from Tanks Inc.
by Zach Raddatz - Posted in Tech
In preparation to transplant a 430hp 383 stroker into Project Chevelle, Zach R. made up a set of plug wires for the car. To keep it nice and tidy they needed to be routed just right, be the perfect length and not distract from the engine!
by Zach Raddatz - Posted in Tech
Follow along as power steering is added to Speedway's Project Chevelle. This article showcases exactly what is involved in adding power steering in a car that came with manual steering.
by Zach Raddatz - Posted in Tech
Before we flog the poor 307 on the dyno, or conduct any kind of serious road test with the car we need to install some basic gauges to keep tabs on what is going on under the hood.
by Zach Raddatz - Posted in Tech
Zach R. gives a step by step on how to setup and use the Speedway Professional Ring & Pinion Setup Tool Set.
by Zach Raddatz - Posted in Tech
Zach bent an exhaust valve and needed to pull the top off of the engine to replace the valve and gaskets. There are several reasons why you would need to pull the top off of your engine, but Zach's step by step process is universal.
by Zach Raddatz - Posted in Tech
Zach R. walk through how he selected the perfect Tach for his ride.
by Zach Raddatz - Posted in Tech
Learn how-to plumb your dual feed Holley Carburetor.
by Zach Raddatz - Posted in Tech
Speedway Tech Zach R. talks about the dropped spindles and disc brake conversion he installed on his '55 Sedan Delivery.
by Zach Raddatz - Posted in Tech
Speedway Tech Zach discusses the Pertronix Ignitor III conversion in his '55 Chevy.