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Speedway Roadster Headers for a 305 Trike

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In this Tech Tip, a customer asked about using a set of Small Block Chevy Sprint Roadster headers for his trike, powered by a stock 305.

“I am thinking about a set of your roadster headers for my vehicle, but everyone is telling me that I have to take off a valve cover in order to figure out which heads I have. My vehicle is a V8 trike with a 1981 Chevy 305 in it. The 305 came out of a Chevy C10 pickup with a 2 barrel carb. The engine is totally stock, so which style of heads came on it from the factory? Thank you.”

Hi, you inquired about using a set of our Roadster headers such as number 930CER100 or 930CBR100 on your 305 and either set will work on stock heads. About the only thing these will not work on are some of the later ZZ4 aftermarket heads, spread port heads, etc. You will be fine on your stock 305 heads no matter what port design. If you plan on port matching to the gasket just check the gaskets that come with the headers to open up the 305 ports. Feel free to visit us on the web at or call 1-800-979-0122 with questions or to place an order.

  • John W.

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