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Proper Power Steering for a 1955 Chevy BelAir


In this Tech Tip, a customer asked about the correct parts needed to set up the power steering system on his 1955 BelAir.

“I just purchased the 500 series steering box. I need to purchase the pump and bracket to fit my 1955 Bel Air, which I understand connects to the left front motor mount along with the pressure line and return line that will connect with the steering box. I will also be purchasing the iDidit steering column. My current column does not return the turn signal so I will need this part as well. Can you provide me with the part numbers to insure proper fit? Question: upon opening my steering box the instructions states that I may need to cut into my frame, does the 600 series box require the same? I thought I was purchasing a steering box that would fit without altering my frame. Any support you could give would be appreciated.”

Hi, you inquired about parts and the 500 box is the correct unit for the 1955-57. The clearance is minimal and you may prefer to slightly dimple the frame in the area of interference if needed. Frames vary slightly and some will clear without issues. On the power steering pump and hoses if you have the original motor mounts there will be mounting interference. The original motor mounts will be taking the bracket mounting holes and your heads do not have the proper accessory holes. If you change over to a set of side mounts for the engine and open up the front holes then a Saginaw-style pump such as 91032908, a short pulley like 91032916, and a good set of hoses like 91032509 would be correct when used with a set of brackets like 91667920 from Bills Hot Rod Company. Originally the Tri-5's used a power steering pump mounted on the end of the generator. We do have an OEM-style replacement turn signal assembly, P/N 91037788, and if you are using the Ididit column found under part numbers 4461255 or 4461255C it would be correct for manual transmission or with shift number 4461455 or 1455C in chrome. The floor mount for the Tri-5’s is 4464140. To hook into your original wiring harness the adapter from American Autowire is part number 446554 and for the adapter from the column to the box will depend on whether you get the column for the shifter or without. Feel free to visit us on the web at or call 1-800-979-0122 with questions or to place an order.

  • John W.

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