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New Steering Column in the '64 Impala


I’ve customized the interior, kept the original steering column and it just didn’t look right. I’m a budget builder and watching what I spend is important. Speedway Motors offers a beautiful universal chrome steering column at a great price! Yes, these columns are very universal and you can put them in almost anything.

I really didn’t want to spend the big bucks on a direct replacement and still have to buy a new steering wheel because the stock one was in rough shape. My stock column measured in near 33” long. The length of the column is measured from the end of the double D shaft at the one end to the end of the spline shaft where the steering wheel attaches. Speedway offers item 910-32976, which is 33”, non shift column and is exactly what I needed.This column has a 5 position tilt, hazards and of course blinkers.  It even has a GM pigtail for the wiring. Speedway even offers these columns with a shifter if you’re not running a shifter on the floor.

I ended up purchasing item 910-32976, which is the 33 “chrome, tilt, non-shift version and it fit perfectly. I ended up tearing out the old rag joint and bought all new u-joints and a new steering shaft to hook up my column to the manual steering box. I ended up getting a 22” DD steering shaft, which I ended up cutting; item 910-01850. U-joint 910-32294 is a 3/4-36 spline to ¾ DD to hook up to the steering box and item 910-32401 is the 1” Ididit DD to ¾ DD to hook the shaft up to the column.

This column fit perfect.  The stock brackets held the column in place and even the rubber seal was right on the money. Once installed, it was time to get a steering wheel that matched.  I went with a Speedway labeled 14” billet aluminum wheel called the Trinity; item 910-5616.  To match the red in the interior, I also picked up a red grip; item 910-5623.

As you can see, the steering column and wheel definitely look great in this custom ride! I couldn’t be happier with the quality and the price. Thanks Speedway!

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