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Darrian Wedding's Articles
Darrian Wedding
Member since Nov 30 2017
Darrian grew up holding the flashlight for his father as he worked on the family car. Over time this led to an addiction to all things automotive. When he turned 14 he purchased his first car, a 1962 Mercury Comet, a car which he still owns. This vehicle solidified his passion for cars and led to him attending tech school and becoming an auto technician full time for the better part of 4.5 years before he saw his opportunity to get back to his real passion, old cars. Uncommon or unusual cars are his favorite and the 60's can make a comeback at any time as far as he’s concerned.

Darrian Wedding's Articles

by Darrian Wedding - Posted in Videos
Darrian explains how to program the Omega Kustom 3-N-1 Gauge in the third and final video of the series.
by Darrian Wedding - Posted in Videos
Check out the second video on how to program Omega Kustom Gauges!
by Darrian Wedding - Posted in Videos
Darrian demonstrates how to program our Omega Kustom Quad Gauges. Check it out!
by Darrian Wedding - Posted in Tech
How to replace sway bars in a Mercury Comet and the advantages that come with it.
by Darrian Wedding - Posted in Tech
Darrian gives a step-by-step guide on replacing worn steering components to improve the handling of your vehicle.
by Darrian Wedding - Posted in Tech
Darrian explains the process of Shelby/Arning drop changes and how that affects your car.
by Darrian Wedding - Posted in Tech
Learn how to increase the rigidity of your control arms while greatly reducing flex and saving a little money in the process.