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Darrian Wedding's Articles
Darrian Wedding
Member since Nov 30 2017

Darrian started his career with Speedway Motors in 2017 working in Customer Experience, then brought his expertise to the Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed in 2021 as a Museum Restoration Technician. He restores, maintains and preserves cars in Speedway Motors' historical collection and those that come through for maintenance, with a specialty in wiring and electrical diagnosis, as well as engine blueprinting.

Darrian Wedding grew up helping his dad build a 1952 Buick Special, a 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass, and a 1962 Ford F100—whatever his dad was working on at the time. Darrian followed his passion for cars to Southeast Community College, where he graduated with a degree in Automotive Technology.

Over the years Darrian has built several cars of his own, but he’s most proud of his 1962 Mercury Comet. He’s also rebuilt multiple engines, transmissions, manual and automatic, and has completed two rear-end rebuilds in his time as a mechanic.

Darrian Wedding's Articles

Darrian bought this 1962 Mercury Comet at 14 and started a project. It grew into a passion that stills drives him to this day.
A guide on how to check piston to valve clearance to prevent interference. See what tools are used to make this process easier.
Darrian recently purchased a 302 Ford BluePrint Crate Engine for his 1962 Comet. Learn more as he walks you through what is included in the kit, it's out-of-the-box assembly and the performance metrics of the engine.
In this video, Joe and Darrian discuss and demonstrate how to properly set up and use the Speedway Tubing Notcher. It’s the perfect tool for fabricators and hobbyists alike! Use it to make headers, custom chassis, roll cages, or anything in between.
Learn how to install insulation and loop carpet on a car floor to improve the appearance, reduce noise and heat impact, and enjoy driving your car even more.
Darrian explains how to program the Omega Kustom 3-N-1 Gauge in the third and final video of the series.
Check out the second video on how to program Omega Kustom Gauges!
Darrian demonstrates how to program our Omega Kustom Quad Gauges. Check it out!
How to replace sway bars in a Mercury Comet and the advantages that come with it.
Darrian gives a step-by-step guide on replacing worn steering components to improve the handling of your vehicle.
Darrian explains the process of Shelby/Arning drop changes and how that affects your car.
Learn how to fabricate stamped steel boxed control A arms . This process increases the rigidity of control arms while also reducing flex for peak performance.