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Chevy II Nova Gasser: Week to Wicked Day Three Recap


Jason begins day three of our Week to Wicked build rolling in his very modern, pro-touring style Nova to compare to our old school gasser build. Jason's Chevy Nova with a hardtop is powered by a V8 376 LSX GM performance block. Our Chevy II 100 series base model got a 496 big block Chevy yesterday. Despite that, both cars are very similar under the skin and have the same 14 fasteners that bolt the front clip to the firewall.

We have a full day ahead of us with the radiator core support, getting all the sheet metal back on, and wiring the engine. Let's get back to work!

Christian is running the fuel line to the carburetors before he starts wiring. The alternator is in place and we have an inch of swing to work with. Zach is installing the Speedway Motors 1966-67 Chevy II tail light assembly. The nice thing about this piece is that it comes with the gasket and the lens already installed, so it's as simple as bolting it right in. The guys also get the rear bumper attached.

Steve brakes down what it means to mix metaphors and how the gasser stays true to one principle metaphor.

Jason gets the battery installed. Joe and Zach install the two-row Dewitts radiator. Steve explains delta T, the change in temperature, as the air goes from front to back and moves from row to row it actually picks up more heat and the less efficient the radiator. So, it's more efficient to have two big tubes than a bunch of smaller ones.

Joe puts the inner fender supports in. These tie the car to the core support and offer a little extra support so the fenders aren't taking all the load. They will also give us a place to mount hood hinges if we decide to run a hood. The front fenders and headlights are also added.

We end the day installing the Speedway Motors custom length driveshaft assembly. The one on our build is chromoly with a Billet yoke in the front and 1350 style u-joints.

Today was filled with a bunch of tedious tasks, but it was a productive day!

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