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Universal Fit, 3.00" Overall Diameter, Chromoly

  • Driveshafts are built with 3-inch O.D. 4130 Chromoly tubing with a 0.083-inch wall thickness
  • Increased strength over our 1020 steel driveshafts, supporting up to 1,200 horsepower
  • Driveshafts are available in lengths from 16-58 inches in 1/2-inch increments to fit most builds
  • Simply select your billet transmission yoke of choice from the listed Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler applications
  • Then select the length required as determined by the how to measure instructions listed

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

Overall Diameter3.00"
Material TypeChromoly
Transmission Yoke IncludedYes

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  • 3-inch O.D. 4130 Chromoly tubing with a 0.083-inch wall thickness
  • Available in lengths from 16 to 58 inches in 1/2-inch increments
  • For lengths longer than 58 inches you can also use our 3.5-inch custom length driveshaft
  • Built to handle 1,000-1,200 HP for extreme high-performance builds
  • Includes billet steel slip yoke for your specific transmission application
  • Includes super strong 1350 series front and rear universal joints
  • Dynamically balanced with a Shaftmaster driveshaft balancer
  • Allow a build time of up to three days before shipping
  • Custom ordered driveshafts are NOT returnable

A Custom Length Driveshaft Right to Your Door

We have all been there. You just spent the weekend with a few friends dropping in that hot V-8 and your transmission of choice into your project’s rolling chassis. What is next? Connecting all that performance to your rear axle via a driveshaft.

However, your existing driveshaft (if you even have one) is likely 50 years old or is no longer correct for the new transmission and/or rear axle you have upgraded to and your new engine combination is putting out big power. What to do? In the past you probably would have trailered your project to a driveshaft shop, dropped it off to have a custom driveshaft made, and picked it up several days later with a shiny new driveshaft installed.

While this certainly works, we know not everyone has a car trailer and something suitable to pull it with. Not to mention the thought of leaving your baby at some shop where it could possibly be damaged. Now, thanks to Speedway Motors’ new line of custom length Chromoly steel drive shafts made to order, all you have to do is take a few simple measurements, place your order, and wait by the mailbox for your new Speedway drive shaft to show up! How much easier can it be than that?

Built with Chromoly Steel to Handle Ultimate Street Horsepower

There are a lot of great materials to make super strong driveshafts capable of high horsepower and we are often asked about an aluminum driveshaft vs carbon fiber. While carbon fiber is super light, it is extremely expensive. Aluminum driveshafts often require a larger diameter to handle the same horsepower as steel, which can cause chassis fitment issues. A great alternative is a Chromoly steel driveshaft. You can maintain a 3-inch diameter while handling more than 1,000 horsepower.

Our driveshafts begin as lengths of “driveshaft quality” 3-inch O.D. 4130 Chromoly tubing. Using the overall length measurement you provide us, along with the slip yoke/driveshaft yoke application you spec, we cut, assemble, weld, and balance your driveshaft with high quality 1350 series U-joints so it is ready to go right out of the box once you receive it.

Ready to Install Right out of the Box

We do not offer our 4130 Chromoly driveshaft with a 1310 U-joint because we know you will be putting some power through it. Only 1350 series universal joints that are solid and non-greasable for the highest strength are used in these driveshafts, and our billet driveline yoke applications cover just about any automatic or manual transmission that was used by the OEMs or in popular drivetrain swaps.

What that means is, whether you are looking for a driveshaft for your twin-turbo LS-swapped ’69 Camaro with TKO-600 5-speed and a 9-inch rear, or a driveshaft for your ’32 Ford with C4 automatic behind a blown big block Ford set back in the frame four inches, we have your project covered.

Order your Chromoly driveshaft today by clicking “add to cart” and selecting your specific billet driveshaft yoke and overall length and keep your custom driveshaft cost in check!


BrandSpeedway Motors
Overall Diameter3.00"
Material TypeChromoly
Transmission Yoke IncludedYes
Transmission Joint Style1350 U-Joint
Differential Joint Style1350 U-Joint
Speedway Motors Catalog Part #910-383C
Tube O.D.3.00"
Material Thickness0.083"
FinishBlack painted
Sold in QuantityEach
SFI RatedNo