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Chevy II Nova Gasser: Week to Wicked Day Four Recap


It's day four of our Week to Wicked. Today we're going to jump into more wiring, interior, steering column, and a bunch more things! We lost a couple of builders, so it's time to kick it into high gear.

Zach is getting the grill put it. It attaches with four button head screws, so it's going to make the front of the car look way better. Christian is wiring, and wiring, and wiring. Jeff explains trans brake and line lock wiring. On the trans brake, it's got a red wire and black wire. The black wire can go direct to ground, so there's your solenoid. Your red wire goes up to the switch on the shifter and this goes to a 12-volt positive fuse source. On the shifter, each of the buttons have two wires coming out, a yellow and a white wire. Test for continuity to see which one is which. It doesn't matter which one is line lock and which one is the transbrake, but make sure to label them. Since your reaction time is quicker with the index finger releasing we're making the top one the transbrake and the bottom one the line lock. So you would launch with the index finger.

Zach is installing our AFCO 3830 Eliminator Coil-Over Shock, Double Adjustable, 3 Inch Stroke on the front. The shocks that come in the kit are just fine. The ones we have chosen for our build are going to give us a little bit more adjustability to dial in our compression and rebound.

Joe is working on the interior. We've removed the back seat of the car. In 1960's drag cars, there was no reason to have a back seat in it and with the roll cage you're not really going to be able to get into it anyways. Joe is making aluminum panels to separate the trunk from the inside of the car. We used the stock back seat filler panel and cardboard templates on the aluminum.

Christian and Jeff are getting the steering column ready and mounted in the car. Zach is putting the window felt in, you pinch it and push it into the track so that window doesn't vibrate around and hit the metal door frame.

For the final touch, we add the wheels and tires. In 1964-1965, M&H Racemaster came up with the wrinkle wall drag slick, a really thin sidewall and a sticky wide tread. The tire and the rim did a much better job of gripping the strip and that's what we're using on our build. Coker Tire MHR70 M&H Drag Slick, 9.0/28.0-15 Tire which is an extremely tight fit on these cars, but we've got adequate clearance into the fender well. The front wheels are ET Vintage V 15 Inch Front Runner Wheels, 15 x 4 Inch.

Today was a long day, but they got a lot done. We're rolling the car off the lift and can't wait to show you what we have in store tomorrow!

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