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All You Need to Know About 3 Piece Spindles

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Speedway Motors offers a three piece metric spindle that is approved by most sanctioning bodies. It is still a fairly new item in the race world; the three piece spindle offers improved geometry, replaceable steering arms, and compatibility with readily available parts. This three piece spindle is a great option for Modified, Sport Mod, Stock car, and even Hobby Stock/Pure Stock applications (when legal).

The 79-up Metric Midsize Spindle and Short Arm Metric Spindle are very similar items, yet very different. The spindle body for the 79-up metric applications has the stock tapers for ball joints where the spindle body for the short arm metric applications uses a larger 7 degree upper and the stock lower taper.

Stock car and Hobby Stock racers may choose to use the spindle body from the short arm metric spindle with the stock metric longer arm so they can make use of larger stronger ball joints. Both spindles use the same brake caliper bracket for the 78-87 metric calipers. The longer stock metric steering arm measures 7 1/8” long and the shorter pinto steering arm measures 5” from the center of lower ball joint to the center of the tie rod end.

For Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks:

We offer the two different spindles and arms for stock type metric 78-87 G-body cars or modified applications that use the short arm and metric spindle body. The three piece 79-up metric spindle with the long arm is a stock replacement that can be utilized in Hobby Stock and Pure Stock classes. It will accept the stock ball joint tapers of 10 degrees for the upper and lower ball joints. The Style Upper Ball Joint is a Moog #K5208, Speedway part #917-20045. The Lower Ball Joint is a Moog #K6145, Speedway part #917-20039.

For Modified and Sport Mods:

The common spindle arm used with a modified/sport mod application is the Short Pinto Arm. When using the short pinto style steering arm and this metric spindle body you will need to use a 7 degree upper ball joint. The Screw In Style Ball Joint is a Moog # K772, Speedway part #910-34323, this is also the screw in ball joint accepted by all ball joint collars offered by Speedway Motors. The Bolt In Style Ball Joint is a Moog #K6024, Speedway part #917-20031.

I personally use the Short Arm Metric Spindle on my own IMCA Sport Mod. I recently made the switch from the pinto spindle to the three piece spindle, and trust me, changing over from the pinto spindle was a breeze. I am able to use the same calipers, tie rods, and ball joints as I did before. The only new product you will need is the metric 10.5” hub and its bearings.

I use this spindle for the simplicity of the product. If I get in a wreck or bend a steering arm, I only have to replace the steering arm, where before with the pinto spindle I had to replace the whole spindle. I am also able to get my front end geometry closer to where I want it to be. I think this is a good product that helps make racing more affordable for racers like you and I.

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