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Steering Column Makeover

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Here at Speedway Motors we not only sell quality aftermarket parts, we use them ourselves as well. Our employee Steve L. took a moment to share his experiences with a particular product we offer with the following review.

There's one thing about the 70's GM steering column levers. They look really nice when they're brand new, but get a few years of being sun baked through the windshield. What do you end up with? Really sticky, nasty looking, levers that leave a sticky black residue on your hands, every time you touch them. Not Cool!!! Speedway Motors offers a GM Column Dress-Up Kit, under P/N 910-32605. This kit is truly amazing; the levers are made of billet aluminum, with a very nice finish. The price is so reasonable it's not worth even trying to clean up those nasty original levers. I purchased the GM Column Dress-Up Kit for my very used and abused tilt steering column in my 1976 Chevrolet Laguna S3, that I'm building to compete in SCCA C-Prepared Autocross Series. The following pictures will show how dramatic the transformation is from nasty stock levers, to very nice high-end looking levers.

Speedway Motors GM Column Dress-Up Kit P/N 910-32605 comes with everything you need to replace your old nasty looking levers. In the kit you'll get:

  • 1- Turn Signal Lever (replaces all screw on style levers)
  • 1- Tilt Release Lever
  • 1- Hazard Switch Knob

The Hazard switch knob and tilt release levers screw into the original threads. The turn signal lever doesn't come with a new screw. You will need to reuse your original screw.

This is what my steering column looked like after being rebuilt, but before getting painted. As you can see, the tilt release lever is rusty, pretty nasty looking, and was really sticky to the touch. This is not acceptable for any nice looking car, much less for a Hot Rod or Street Machine.

The steering column hardly resembles the old worn out, used, and abused column that I got out of a old Laguna S3 that was sitting out in a field in Oklahoma. It now would look at home in any Street Machine. The Speedway Motors GM Column Dress-Up Kit P/N 910-32605 is such a great value, and is an excellent quality kit. I will definitely be using this kit in the other projects that I have planned in the future. The difference is totally amazing how much better the column looks with the Speedway Motors GM Column Dress-Up Kit P/N 910-32605. Check out the before and after pics!

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