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Steering Column Applications

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Tags: Tech, Steering

In this Tech Tip, John responds to a customer question about the versatility of one of our steering columns and its potential uses.

So, will this work?

“Will P/N 91032982, Standard GM 5-position tilt steering column, 33 inch, column shift fit my 1983 Chevy C-10 truck?"

  • Scott

Hi Scott, You inquired about our steering column, (P/N 91032982) fitting in your 83 Chevy pickup and this is universal and mainly used in hot rod applications.  Customers have modified their mounts or dash in the past and put them in the newer vehicles. That being said, these columns do not have the key switch in the column or accessories on the turn signal switch such as cruise control.  So while they are not a “bolt in” customers have used them. Will it hook up to your existing rag joint? The likely answer there is no and will it mount in the dash again no because there is no direct application. It will require some fabrication on your part to make it work.

  • John W.

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