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Promo: DRIVE    Expires: 6/21/20
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Speedway Tech Talk - Beef Up Your '67 - '72 GM Truck


Speedway Motors employee Pat O takes a few minutes to talk about the drop in 9” Ford rear end that Speedway has to offer.

The 9” rear end has always been known for its strength and availability. For decades street rodders have been swapping out weak or tired rear ends for a Ford rear, in any make and model of car or truck.

At Speedway Motors we offer a bolt in 9” rear end for your 67-72 GM truck that originally made use of coil springs. This rear housing already has the brackets welded on and is ready to bolt up to your factory trailing arms and pan hard bar.

Along with this rear housing, you will need to pick up a 3rd member and a pair of axles. Speedway offers a Currie and Speedway brand axle, both of which are drilled for multiple bolt patterns and come with bearings and retainer plates. The Speedway axle is drilled for 5x4.5”, 4.75” and 5” pattern as the Currie is only drilled for 5x4.5” and 4.75”. This rear housing does require two different length axles, which are 28.25” and 32.75” long.

Stop! You’ll also need a brake kit to stop that sweet ride of yours. This rear housing is the New Big style Ford and Speedway Motors offers both bolt on and weld on style brake kits to suit your needs.

For any questions regarding this 9” Ford housing and the parts needing to complete it, please call the friendly tech staff at Speedway Motors.

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