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Speedway Tech Talk - Tru-Ram Exhaust Manifolds


Tim from Speedway Motors took a few minutes to talk about the Tru-Ram Exhaust Manifolds available for Small Block Chevy and Big Block Chevy engines, as well as the Ford Y-Block and LS platforms.

With the sheer amount of choices available when it comes to exhaust, the decision on which direct-fit kit, manifold, or header and DIY kit to select can be daunting. Tim brought in some Tru-Ram exhaust manifolds to discuss.

When “Speedy” Bill and the Speedway Motors team set out to design the Tru-Ram exhaust manifolds, they had a few goals in mind. First, they wanted something that flowed as good as any aftermarket exhaust header. Next, they wanted to make sure that it cleared both angled and standard spark plugs. They also wanted to make sure the inlet ports were large enough to avoid any turbulence issues. Lastly, they wanted to make sure that all of this looked great as well.

These are not lightweight headers. Tim mentions that they are a stout, heavy duty unit. The benefit to this is that it can mitigate the amount of heat under the hood. Also, some of the headers that are unfinished tend to rust.

Since the Tru-Ram exhaust manifolds are finished out with a 2-1/2” outlet, Speedway Motors has a variety of reducers that are available to fit the exhaust system you have on your vehicle. The Tru-Ram exhaust manifolds come complete with all the hardware and gaskets you’ll need for installation as well.

Tim also brings up that many customers are concerned over fitment. These exhaust manifolds share similar clearance to a tight-fit exhaust header. Over the years however, the Speedway Motors team have discovered a couple that cause trouble during fitment:

-Tri-5 Chevy’s with the stock steering box -1935-1940 Fords with the stock steering box

These exhaust manifolds are available in a bright polished stainless steel, an unpolished stainless, and also in cast iron. To browse the complete selection of Tru-Ram Exhaust Manifolds available at Speedway Motors, click here.

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