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Show Your Ride Some Love This Valentine's Day

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It’s Valentines Day. Speedway Motors certainly encourages you to express your affection for your loved ones. But unless your loved one also loves cars, we can’t really help you there.So, feel free to make Valentines Day your excuse to beautify your car inside and out. It might just impress your date. And if you don’t have a date, at least you’ll be busy

Let’s start with the easy stuff.


Some people like removing every speck of dirt from every nook and cranny. That aspect of car care is not this writers’ favorite passtime. Regardless, I do love a clean, sparkling exterior that opens up into a spotless interior. Crystal clear glass. A fingerprint-free dash. Clean carpet. No dust in sight. It’s just a darn good feeling that doesn’t last very long if you’re driving a lot. These kits make cleaning easy, or easier, depending on your persuasion.

Wizards has been a longtime favorite for good reason. They make quality cleaning solutions and chemicals that won’t mess up your car. This is a versatile kit, good for keeping the inside and out squeaky clean.

A cleaning kit for the car show, plus some gear you can get a lot of use out of.

Lucas Slick Mist is good juice. This kit includes four each of their paint gloss intensifier, interior detailer, and tire trim & shine. Everything is also sold individually, of course.

Bolt-On Bling

Shiny stuff and cars. That’s just about all there is to say. Except that sometimes black looks good, too. For a quick, good looking project, we’ve got two styles of our favorite Small Block Chevy finned valve covers: polished and black.

A Gorgeous Set of Wheels

It’s getting serious, now. When you’re ready to make the big move, we carry more wheel sets than can be listed here. By all means, explore to find the right one for you. Meanwhile, two outstanding starting points come to mind for readers of the Toolbox.

GM-style rally (or Rallye for those in the know) wheels first showed up on ‘67 Corvettes and have stuck around ever since. And why not? They look good on just about everything.

Ah, whitewalls. For your vintage build, a set of Firestone whitewalls could be just right.

Tires need love, too. Don’t forget to care for those tires around your beautiful set of rims. Lucas’s tire treatment here keeps ‘em looking nice and new.


The engine is the heart of the car, after all, and oil is the lifeblood. Love your car. Change your oil.

Everything here makes changing oil a pinch easier, plus an oil filter cutter for opening that filter and diagnosing engine issues. If you already change your own oil, we don’t need to remind you. If you’re reluctant, the right tools make it so much easier.

Sprint/Midget Chassis Stands

Racers understand time. Anything that saves time is a win. No mysteries here.

A sturdy chassis stand goes a long way towards organizing the garage. For cleaning, maintenance, assembly...pretty much any work you do on your Sprint or Midget could be a pinch easier with some stands. This pair is adjustable AND portable. Pretty slick.

Alignment Turn Plates

It's good to keep your head on straight. Same goes for your wheels.

Speedway Motors turn plates are slim enough to roll onto without a jack. Super precise. Lightweight, premium aluminum. Now, you can be sure you’re accurately lining up your wheels at home.

9,000LB Capacity Four Post Lift

Sometimes, the only space left in the garage is up. A lift opens up the possibilities and speeds up regular maintenance tasks like fluid changes. Did we mention you should get your oil changed? Take your garage to another level with a lift!

Trade scooting around on the ground for a crick in your neck and get a whole lot more garage space. These four-post lifts offer two ramp lengths, accommodate narrow and standard vehicles, and feature fully enclosed lifting cables with safety locks and sheaves.

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