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Project Chevelle Episode 1: Gauge Install

2 months 6 days ago

We’ve been anxiously waiting to get the in garage with the Chevelle and it’s finally time! The first upgrade we are going to do is install gauges because the Chevelle currently only has a speedometer and a gas gauge. We will eventually run the engine on the dyno and we will be driving it harder than it has previously been driven, so we want to be able to track what is going on.

The tach and gauges that we are installing today are made by Omega. Sometimes gauges are overlooked and not given much thought, but when you are sitting in the car - you stare at the gauges as much as everything else. We selected gauges that fit with the all 1972 vibe of this car.

We had a blast installing the gauges! Join us in the garage with Project Chevelle!

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