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Project Chevelle Build Team

3 months 4 days ago

Meet the Build Team for Project Chevelle! Pat, Joe, Josh and Zach come from a variety of backgrounds and positions here at Speedway. Their wide range of knowledge and experience make them the dream team for Speedway's latest muscle project. Continue to check out the Project Chevelle build page for all the latest upgrades, tech articles, and videos.


Pat grew up hanging out with his dad watching him build a ’56 Ford F-100 pickup from the ground up. He studied to be a police officer, but stayed true to his original passion – cars. At Speedway, Pat is the lead for our tech staff and handles all customer surveys. His experience with modern muscle builds makes him a huge asset to the team. Pat wants to keep updates to the Chevelle clean and simple and is looking forward to upgrading the wheels and tires and lowering the car.


Joe is a R&D Technician here at Speedway. For as long as he can remember, there were always cars in his life. His first engine build was for a ’71 Chevelle. When he and his dad completed the build and he felt the power for the first time, he was hooked for life. Joe hopes that in upgrading and messing with the car, we are able to make improvements without ruining the soul of the car. His strong background in custom race car builds and traditional hot rods made him a must for the team.


Josh keeps the team lighthearted. He’s never short for jokes or a little sarcasm, but is always willing to laugh at himself. To complete his first car, he worked in a small auto shop to learn what to do and earn a little money for his project. After years of hard work and saving money, Josh completed his 1966 Pontiac GTO and hasn’t been able to stop. As an Assistant Product Manager, Josh can contribute his vast knowledge of Speedway’s product line and merchandising to Project Chevelle. He is looking forward to simple modifications that are fun and enjoyable while keeping in mind a realistic budget. Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend time in the garage with these guys!


Zach is well versed technically and extremely knowledgeable about vintage builds and classic car restorations. He has only worked in the automotive industry in various capacities. At Speedway, Zach is the Tech Supervisor and although he claims to be mostly serious, you can catch a smile every once in a while. Zach hopes to show people how they can do the upgrades from Project Chevelle themselves. Whether you have a small garage or a custom shop, anyone can build a car like this. Project Chevelle is about basic upgrades with a team that is going to show people how to do them.

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