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Heavy Steering Solutions

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In this Tech Tip, John helps a customer troubleshoot his heavy steering in his project.

Heavy steering help...

“Hi, I've just fitted an early Chevy power steering pump onto my Small-Block 350 with a Mustang ll steering rack. After trying everything to bleed it, it still feels like a manual rack, very heavy. Do I need an inline flow valve for the pump or is there something else wrong? Many Thanks,”

  • John

Hi John, regarding your heavy steering, without power assist it would appear your pump may be defective.  To bleed normally going lock to lock and holding it all the way against the stop briefly will purge the air.  The GM pump has flow of 3 GPM and if you are using a true Mustang II rack it would only require 2 GPM. The excess pressure would make the rack steer too easy. If it is a Thunderbird rack the pressure would be about right.  You may end up plumbing in a pressure gauge to monitor the pump pressure.  A flow valve to decrease the flow would compound the issue and make it steer harder yet.

  • John W.

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