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Exhaust Repair

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Your classic is a bit noisy in all the wrong ways, huh? Maybe you’re thinking it is time to repair the exhaust that came on the car when you got it? No big deal, you just run down to the local tube shop and get a quote. That’s when you get scared, because that quote is awful high, high enough to make you think about doing that exhaust repair yourself.

We can help. Speedway Motors carries several styles of direct-fit and universal kits from companies like Dynatech and Flowmaster. To browse our selection of various kits, click here. We even have all the various styles of clamps, hangers, and ball and socket style adapters to make this not nearly as daunting a task as it sounds.

If you are looking to avoid welding at all costs, Speedway Motors carries a variety of clamp styles, from the traditional U-Bolt style Clamp to newer stepped band clamps from Dynatech. The band style clamps are nice if you are thinking about maybe tweaking the system later on, as they tend not to crush the pipes like the U-Bolt styles are notorious for.

In addition to the various clamps we offer, we also have both a 4 inch and 7 inch Universal Steel Exhaust Hanger Brackets to make getting that new exhaust in the original location, and you can also add some Polyurethane Hanger Grommets to help isolate those annoying vibrations and quiet things down a bit, available here.

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