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Bench Bleed Master Cylinder - How To Guide

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This very helpful video tutorial simply demonstrates step-by-step how to bench bleed a new master cylinder.

Video Transcript: Wilwood Master Cylinder - Installation and Bleeding Procedure

“In this video we're going to show you how to install and correctly bleed a Wilwood tandem aluminum master cylinder using Hot Rod’s z28 Camaro. Wilwood aluminum tandem master cylinders come complete with all the fittings and hoses needed to properly bench bleed your master cylinder. The Wilwood bleeder kit can also be purchased separately.”

Attach The Bleeding Tubes

“Carefully remove all prepackaged contents from your kit and from within the master cylinder. Mount the master cylinder and a bench vise and install the correct bleeder fittings into the outlet ports of the master cylinder. Attach the bleeding tubes to the outlet port nipples and secure them to the body of the master cylinder using the provided clips.”

Force the Air Out

“Open a fresh bottle of Wilwood brake fluid and fill both sides of the reservoir to about 3/4 full. Insert a screwdriver into the bore of the master cylinder and completely depress the piston using a slow and steady motion. This will force the air out of the bore of the master cylinder and down into the fluid reservoir. It's important to note that the ends of the bleeding tubes must remain submerged in the brake fluid during this process. Tighten the lid on the new master cylinder.”

Install the Master Cylinder

“When installing the master cylinder to a power booster make sure to insert the depth correction plug. Reinstall the fittings to the newly installed master cylinder and top off the reservoirs. Finish by installing the diaphragm gasket and attaching the billet lid with the four stainless steel Allen screws. Tighten the screws in a cross pattern no more than finger-tight”

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