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Using GoJak Wheel Dollies to Easily Move Your Vehicle

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Dealing with a non-running project vehicle is never fun. Often you need to move it from one side of the shop to another, or perhaps you’re sending it to a shop for work you cannot do yourself, such as paint and body or upholstery work, and you need to get your project closer to the trailer or flatbed transport. Sure, you and a couple of friends could break your backs pushing the car or truck while someone steers, but there is a much easier way, and that is with wheel dollies that use 360-degree swivel casters.

Wheel dollies are nothing new, people have been using them for decades. However, using a standard car wheel dolly can be a little time consuming because you must jack each corner of the vehicle up and place the wheel and tire assembly on the dolly. Many vehicle dolly designs are also quite shallow, which can lead to a tire potentially rolling off the dolly if the dolly hits something that stops it in its tracks (those darn cut off zip tie scraps for example, or maybe a small rock the grandkids brought into the shop).

A better solution to the standard wheel dolly or “car skates” is the GoJak wheel dolly system (often incorrectly spelled as GoJack, Go Jack, or Go Jak). It is a wheel dolly with built in jack that takes the time and frustration out of getting an immobile car mobile again. Simply place the GoJak at each wheel, slide it under the car and engage the jack mechanism. With a few foot pumps of the jack your wheel and tire (even a flat tire!) is off the ground and your project is ready to be rolled around the shop or out to a waiting tow vehicle with ease.

Begin by placing the GoJak in front of the wheel, opening the unit to clear the tire and rolling it into place. Push the rollers to the tire surface and engage the jack's lock.
Once in place it is simply a matter of pumping the GoJak's foot jack lever, which closes the unit and raises the tire off of the ground, even if it is completely flat!

We offer the GoJak vehicle dolly in 11-inch and 13-inch widths, along with a 13-inch kit with storage rack shown in our video above. We also offer GoJaks individually, and in pairs. Note GoJak even offers left hand and right hand versions to work with front wheels that are turned to full lock so that the jacking handle does not get stuck in the front wheel well or interfere with the front fenders. Now that’s a great idea!

A popular offering is the 13-inch GoJak kit with two left side jacks, two right side jacks, and matching storage rack. You'll wonder how you lived without for so long!

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