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As I get closer to getting my 1949 Flathead 8BA V8 in my Model A chassis, I can’t help but see some parts sitting on the shelf just begging to get put on!

Having parts on the shelf is sometimes good. They can get you or a buddy out of a pinch. They often have good trading value! Vintage parts on the shelf are a fun “show and tell”. These also may be excuses for my hoarding nature!?

Some parts look good on the shelf. Some parts, however, need installed!! The particular setup that has been looking at me on the shelf is a set of our Super 9-7 Carbs and all the goodies to make it work!

I started with Speedway part # 915116552, a pair of Primary Super 9-7 Carbs. These little carbs are amazing. I love the look and old-school feel of them. Aesthetically, the 9 Super 7 is nearly identical to the stock Stromberg unit, minus the large 97 logo that was on the side and the patent numbers located on the float bowl area. Upgraded internal parts include; the float, needle, and seat. Jetting and power valve settings remain as they were for the original 97 carbs as well as the cfm and vacuum specs. The carbs are just awesome!!

On the primary 9 Super 7 carb the throttle shaft sticks out from the carb body .983" and has the hole on the end to pin the linkage. There is a brass sleeve that the throttle shaft rotates in that extends from the carb body .400 and this leaves the useable throttle shaft length of .583. There is sufficient room for progressive linkage and the manual throttle linkage that rotates over the sleeve.

The little improvements on this carb really help. I have a whole list for you that will make this all go together. When I bought the carbs I also got the Dual Intake Manifolds, part #91015985-PLN. And some extra Base Gaskets, part #91011050 just in case I messed something up.

Here is the list of the parts I used for my throttle linkage and some finishing touches.

Carb Throttle Shaft Arm

Extended Throttle Shaft Arm

3.5" Throttle Tube

Carb linkage hardware

LH Jam Nuts

Scoop Filter x2

Carb Scoop x2

With the hit list in this article, you should have everything you need to give that flattie a little more pep!

I gathered all my parts up and laid them out to make sure I have everything. I read through the instructions and followed the portion that states to pick how you want your linkage to be. It states to put the double arm at about a 45 degree angle. I did that and hooked up the linkage to the single arm on the back carb.

After I got linkage done I started with the carb scoops. I want to run the metal mesh under the scoop filter. So I put the mesh on the top of the carb. I sandwiched the mesh under the scoop and then made my marks where I would trim the mesh flush with the scoop.

I tightened up everything and checked out the function. It all seems to work well. Next time we will do some fuel line and fittings!

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