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Thermal & Acoustic Insulation


Nearly everything is done. Parts are prepped and painted, the chrome is all shiny again, and you can see that car going back together. However, before you start making that happen, you should take a few minutes and think about a very important topic; thermal and acoustic insulation. The last thing anyone wants to do on that first ride around the block is deal with noise, or the heat. No one likes a ride in a tin can.

It is best to plan your insulation out prior to going back together with the pieces. There are several different options available. Before we dive into peeling and sticking however, let’s go over the differences between Thermal insulation and Acoustic insulation.

Thermal insulation is technically the reduction of heat transfer from one object into another. We’ve all seen the old cop shows where the good guy feels the hood of the car and knows the bad guy is close because it is still hot. This is an example of poor thermal insulation. Acoustic insulation is defined as anything that reduces the intensity of sound. The drywall in your house is an example of acoustic insulation.

Speedway Motors offers a variety of products from companies such as DEi. DEi’s thermal and acoustic Boom Mat product fits the bill nicely on both accounts. They offer styles such as a lightweight, flexible material designed to be laid under your carpet, to an under-hood panel that is self-adhesive. Have an odd shaped area that the Boom Mat sheets won’t work very well in? Use the aerosol version, Boom Mat in a can!

LizardSkin is another great option available here at Speedway. A water-based product, you spray it out of a large orifice gun specially designed for the product. (Conventional spray guns cannot handle the viscosity of LizardSkin.) There is a ceramic insulation product available, as well as a standalone sound dampener. Also available are several options from DynaMat. DynaMat offered by Speedway comes in a cut-to-fit configuration, and application is simple with a standard peel-and-stick adhesive backing.

Another option available to you is DynaDeck. This is a carpet replacement for those of you who may have a T-bucket, Jeep, or a rat-rod style vehicle that could potentially get pretty dirty. It is waterproof, so you Jeep guys and gals can simply take a hose to it. It even offers some thermal and acoustic insulating qualities. And you classic guys will like the textured vinyl covering that is similar to the original floor covering that came in your car.

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