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Speedway Tech Talk - MD3 Modified Aero Valance Kit & Rocker Panels


Our expert techs Pat and Austin walk you thru the Performance Bodies MD3 Modified Aero Valance Kit & Rocker Panels. Austin, being a racer himself, explains the benefits of adding these kits to your IMCA Sport Mod or A Modified. When added to the front nose of your modified, the MD3 Valance adds an aerodynamic touch and makes it stand out with the variety of colors available.

Austin explains how adding Speedway's Aluminum Valance Support Brackets to the valance adds rigidity to the nose of your ride. These brackets slide right into the corners of the valance and attach quickly with a set of rivets.

The final featured product is the MD3 Rocker Panels. These rockers slide up behind the aluminum of your doors and quarters to enhance your aerodynamics. The rockers come in a variety of colors and come in a standard length that can be trimmed to fit your application. Austin recommends purchasing at least three panels to cover both doors and quarters.

If you’re looking to maximize downforce in your modified and even add a little style, be sure to check out the Performance Bodies MD3 Modified Valance and Rocker kits available at SpeedwayMotors.

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