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Trunk Latches and Door Handles on a 1932 Ford

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In this Tech Tip, a customer asked about a discreet style trunk latch for his 1932 Ford.

“Hi, I have a 32 ford fiberglass body car. I am looking for a trunk latch. I would like something that is hidden with a latch release via cable to handle up by the seat. Do you have anything like this? Also - I currently have bear claw latches installed in the car, do you carry any interior handles that will work with this? I would like to keep the outside of the car smooth and just use an interior handle. Thanks.”

You inquired about a trunk latch and release for your 1932 Ford car and there are a few choices. A commonly used hot rod application is a combination of P/N 91126110 and P/N 91126112 which can be modified to your specifications. The button does not have to be used depending on application. For the cable, P/N 91126114 can be used; some other options are P/N 9103017, or P/N 49101200. A mini bear jaw like P/N 91052840 or 91052841 could be used along with the striker pin suggested. This will likely take more fabrication than the other style. You can even go with a slim line dual stage bear jaw like P/N 91052862 and the related hardware and in either case the cable of choice could be used. These cable release handles can also be used with the doors for the inside release. P/N 91052800 could be adapted to work with bear jaw latches. Feel free to visit us on the web at or call 1-800-979-0122 with questions or to place an order.

  • John W.

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