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T-Bucket Windshield Tips


For typical installation, you will need one wing nut, one pivot stud and one swivel - PER SIDE (see drawing). First, pick the style (chrome or brass) wing nut that best suits your application. Please note that standard wing nuts fit all Model T to '36 studs. Next, choose the correct cadmium plated pivot stud for your rod (T, A or '32-'34 style). Finally, select the correct swivel for your frame. Please note that '15-'31 swivels are available in chrome or brass. '32-'36 swivels come in chrome only.

When measuring your windshield frame for glass, be sure to have the frame completely assembled. This will guarantee correct fit. When mounting glass into frame, use silicone or glass setting tape. Your local glass shop can supply you with these items.

Speedway’s ’23-‘25 T bodies use a 39-5/8” wide windshield frame when using short posts.

To browse the full selection of windshields, frames, and accessories available at Speedway Motors, click here.

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