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Kevin Webel's Articles
Kevin Webel
Member since Dec 7 2016

Kevin grew up turning wrenches with his father Bill Webel, a lifelong mechanic who was part of the crew on the 4X Speedway sprint car driven by Jan Opperman and Doug Wolfgang. He literally grew up on the infield of Midwest Speedway sitting on the roof of his grandpa's car (K.B. Kaar). In the early 90's he raced NHRA D-Stock with a Daytona Yellow 69 Chevelle SS and had a matching yellow big block 69 ElCamino. After a 16 year stint in the Nebraska prison system working as a K9 Handler for drug interdiction, he returned to his true passion, Chevrolets! He is currently building a 1954 Chevy BelAir 4 door with a 454/TH400 and 10 bolt posi rear. You can read about a lot of the build in his Tech articles with parts supplied from Speedway Motors.

Kevin Webel's Articles

Learn how to wrap exhaust headers to help keep under hood temperatures down. This articles shows how cast iron exhaust manifolds are wrapped in 1-inch black header wrap with stainless steel exhaust wrap ties.
A guide on removing and installing a new electric motor kit for exhaust cutouts.
Call up Speedway Motors with a technical question and you may get Kevin Webel on the other end. He's a hardcore car guy and knows a thing or two about all things loud and fast. This big block powered '54 Chevy lives in his home garage.
Follow these tips and tricks on how to properly wrap your exhaust manifolds to reduce underhood temperatures.
In this guide, Kevin demonstrates how to properly install an external oil cooler in his '54 Chevy Belair with a Big Block Chevy engine.
Learn how to install a Line lock as well as installing a line lock button and how a line lock works, with Kevin as he goes through the process on his '54 Chevy Belair.
Follow this guide as Kevin explains how he upgraded the rear bolt-on caliper brackets and rotors on a '54 Chevy Belair.
Learn how to keep your starter cool using a heat shield. Read the steps and parts necessary for the installation.
Learn how to install an external Transmission Cooler, to help keep the temperature of your transmission consistent.
Check out these great tips and tricks on how to successfully lower the stance on a Chevy Bel Air.
Follow this how-to as Kevin explains the process of removing the hood on his '54 Chevy Bel Air using a handmade Hood Spring tool.
Follow this guide to learn how the change of bore size on a master cylinder affects a four-wheel disc brake system. View the conversion chart to figure the total bore area for your brake setup.
Keep your rear cylinders running cool in a high performance engine by installing a water bypass kit to the intake manifold.
How to maintain coolant temperature for a Big Block Chevy engine. Installation instructions for a double pass radiator and electric fan in a 1954 Chevy Bel Air.
How to install a chrome radiator hose kit and aluminum thermostat housing on a big block Chevy for an added touch to your engine bay.
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