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Speedway Tech Talk - Shock Ends

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Tags: Tech, Pro Shocks, Race

Speedway Motors employee Pat O. sat down again to discuss shock ends. Pat talks with customers daily about the various styles, applications, and fitments of shocks available at Speedway Motors, but the often overlooked shock ends are a point he wanted to address.

Pat grabbed a couple shocks from inventory to show off. The first is a chrome Pro Shocks option. Outfitted with rubber bushings and a steel sleeve, set up for half inch bolts or mounting studs. If your application calls for a 5/8” bolt, the steel sleeve can be pressed out and replaced with the appropriate size.

Another option available at Speedway Motors is the QA1 shock with spherical rod ends. The bushings are retained by a snap ring, making service quick and easy. Again, the QA1 is set up in half-inch configuration, with the option to upgrade to the 5/8” if necessary. The QA1 setup may be slightly longer lasting than the rubber bushed Pro Shocks option.

Speedway Motors has an in-house Shock Technologies department also, capable of repairing or rebuilding, as well as tuning your shocks. You can check them out by clicking here.

To check out the full line of shock and components available at Speedway Motors, click here.

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