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Speedway Tech Talk - Shaved Door Kit

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Thinking of cleaning up the lines of your car and shaving your door handles? Speedway Motors offers the deluxe kit 91069235, which offers everything you need to pop some doors once you’ve deleted those handles. This kit contains a pair of key fobs, 2 solenoids, the electronic module, a pair of door poppers, stainless wire conduit, and a manual release button in case you lose power to your ride. The module in this kit may even operate a trunk release if you shave your trunk lock.

If you don’t need the wire conduit or door poppers, you can everything above in the basic kit 91069230. This kit is a bit cheaper and may only be needed if you have doors that open and close with ease. If you have a door that takes some muscle to open you may want the deluxe kit with the poppers.

In case you don’t want the look of the stainless wire conduit, we offer jamb tacs. Jamb tacs take the place of conduit and allow you to run power from your fuse block to your doors without running wires through your door. This method is perfect for door poppers as you only need power when the doors are shut. When the doors open you lose electrical connection until you close the door. Depending on how many connection points you need, Speedway offers 2 to 5 wire connectors. These are sold as pairs and a pair will do one door. If you have just door poppers and not power windows, you can use kit 91040022.

One key point to installing the door solenoids is to keep the included black cable connecting the solenoid to your door plunger, straight. If you have this cable slightly angled, the solenoid will act as though it has no pulling power. If you aren’t able to line up the solenoid in a straight line, you will want to make use of pulleys. I went to the local hardware store and got small 2” brass screen door guide that acts as a pulley and bolted it to the door. What’s great about this guide or very small pulley is that is has metal bearings and makes the solenoid pull smoothly.

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