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Speedway Tech Talk - Keeping it Classy with Motor Meters


Speedway Motors employee Pat joins us once again. This time Pat is talking to Model A and Model T owners, specifically in regards to radiator toppers and accessories.

There are several accessories available for your Model A and Model T radiators, such as the pair of large wings that can act as a nice focal point, and multiple caps that are available both drilled and smooth. You’ll want the drilled caps if you intend on making use of the Moto-Meter. Those caps are available in both brass and chrome finishes. Another nice option is the Speedway Motors Dog Bone cap that is finished in chrome and drilled for use with the Moto-Meter. It strikes a happy medium between having nothing, and having a large set of brass wings. Speedway Motors even offers weld-on necks for those radiators that do not make use of the Moto-meters, but you still want that “look”.

Speedway Motors does offer a few Moto-Meters. Pats talks a bit about how the Moto-Meters read, and then offers up a nice tip about prolonging the life of the rubber washer that comes with the mount kit.

To check out these products and many more, visit Speedway Motors' selection of Moto-Meter gauges and Speedway Motors accessories!

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