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Speedway Tech Talk - Maintaining Your Headers

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Speedway Motors employee Pat O takes a moment to explain why you should keep your headers polished.

Whether you have stainless steel, AHC coated or chrome headers, it’s important to keep them clean. Over time dirt, grime and oil can get into the pores of the coating and cause a header to appear that it’s rusting. This can easily be avoided by maintaining your manifolds or headers throughout the year.

Speedway Motors offers an awesome product called Purple. Purple polishes and cleans stainless, chrome and AHC coatings. As Pat explains, this polish is great at getting gold out of stainless steel pipes. Not only is Purple polish great on headers, but its great on bumpers, wheels trim and more!

In the video you can see how Pat applies a small amount of Purple to a microfiber towel and evenly wipes onto the header. He uses a microfiber towel to avoid scratching the surface to be polished. After a few minutes of allowing the Purple polish to dry, he then vigorously buffs off the compound. What’s left is a reflective shine and you can hardly see the stain that was on the collector of the header.

Pat suggests periodic cleaning of your headers to keep that new appearance. If you’re in the market for a good polish, add some Purple to your detailing kit.

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