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Speedway Tech Talk - GPS Your Speedometer

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Speedway Motors employee Pat O takes a few minutes to talk about a GPS module can provide a signal to your electronic speedometer.

If you have an odd project or just have an issue getting your electronic speedometer to read correctly, Speedway Motors may have the solution for you. This GPS module will provide a speed signal to most electronic speedometers.

This unit works with electronic speedometers that read 8k-16k pulses per mile (PPM). That means this GPS module should work on Omega, Autometer, Dolphin, Classic Instruments and Dakota Digital gauges. This module should even work if you have a speedometer that requires that you “drive the mile.”

Using this GPS module means you don’t need to worry about changing tire size, what gears are in the rear, or worry about what gear is in the tail shaft of your transmission. All it takes to get this thing hooked up is 4 wires. That’s right, connecting 4 wires and you’re ready to take your ride for a spin around the block! This GPS module can be mounted almost anywhere in your interior. The manufacturer says this unit is best mounted face up. However, if you get a reading with it upside down, than you’re good to go!

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