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So Begins Week to Wicked

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Literally on the heels of our inaugural week-long truck transformation, we officially present you with the kick-off of the Speedway Motors Week to Wicked. While we may be working on another yellow Chevy pickup, only the manufacturer and color remain a constant—this one will take a completely different approach.

The folks at Speedway Motors brought their restored and nearly all-stock 1952 Advance-Design 3100 out from Lincoln, Nebraska, to our Tech Center in Irvine, California, for a five-day marathon makeover…most of which will occur under the “sheets”, of metal that is. While keeping the truck’s redone OE exterior intact, our teams representing Classic Trucks and Speedway will focus more on the underpinnings—a complete 1947-53 chassis with Speedway’s IFS and triangulated 4-link 9-inch rear, powered by a Chevy Performance LS3 backed by a Performance Automatic 4L60E. By Friday evening, we’ll be rolling the transformed stocker out on Rocket Racing wheels and, depending on the SoCal weather that day, either staying cool or warming up thanks to a Vintage Air unit, a nice creature comfort we didn’t schedule for installation last time around!

The build kicked off bright and early Monday morning, January 16 with, what else, tearing down a perfectly good truck. By lunch, we had the stock chassis rolled aside and the cab, hood, bed, and all the fenders laid aside, ready and waiting to be assembled onto the new chassis. As with our C10 Week to Wicked, we’ll not only be feeding live video throughout each day all week long, but you can also find updates on Instagram and Twitter—as well as your double daily updates here online. Stay tuned—things are just getting started!

To check out all the photos, visit the article on by clicking the link below!

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