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Ford 302 Crate Engine Tech Talk

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After waiting for his BluePrint Ford 302 Crate Engine to arrive, Darrian joins Joe to walk you through this surprisingly assembled engine. Darrian shows you the contents of the pre-assembled kit including a 600 CFM Holley, mounted carburetor, and more!

The engine puts out about 235 horsepower, and roughly 315 foot-pounds of torque. Plus, the Cam is broken in before it is shipped out. The kit is also carefully dyno tested, with dyno sheets and warranty papers included. Learn more below or in the video!

Video Transcript

Joe: “Hello everyone welcome to Speedway Motors Tech Talk I'm Joe, this is Darrian and today is an exciting day because the new engine for your Comet is right here in this box. Do you want to tell us what it is?

Darrian: “Yep, so this is a small-block Ford 302 motor from BluePrint Engines. It's kind of their base dressed motor. It puts out about 230 horsepower, about 320 foot-pounds of torque. Super basic, not a huge camshaft or anything like that. Nothing too powerful, but for as light as my car is, I really don't need a whole lot."

Joe: “Right. We want to make sure and pull out all your warranty information, all the dyno information and everything the BluePrint provides right in the envelope.”

Joe: “That's amazing. This has the water pump and the carb and the distributor, everything. This even has plug wires on it. Is this what you were expecting?"

Darrian: “Yeah from the pictures on our website we show pretty much as it comes. Actually, surprisingly on their listing we've stated that it came with plain belt covers but they must have thrown in the chrome ones, so that's always a bonus.”

Joe: “Really lucky day. This has the warranty information. Do you know what carb this is?”

Darrian: “This is a 600 CFM Holley. Just like a 41 60 series. Definitely more than enough to supply this engine for sure.”

Joe: “So this is ready to go. The distributor is installed and tightened down. You know BluePrint is careful to spell out what they want you to do for a break-in.”

Darrian: “Yeah I mean they walk through a quick break-in procedure. I guess all the BluePrint motors that come with an oil pan on them have been dyno’d already before they ever leave their factory.”

Joe: “So does that mean that you don't have to break in the Cam?”

Darrian: “With these units, since they are dyno’d, they break in the cam before they ever ship them out so you don't have to worry about it. But they don't discourage customers going through their own cam break-in procedure. It's definitely not going to hurt anything by any means."

Joe: “And they want you to run break-in oil in it anyway just to be just to be sure."

Darrian: “So any good break-in oil would work for this application. BluePrint obviously makes their own that works really well but Comp Cams and other manufactures do as well, anything like that will work. This is actually the dyno sheet for this motor. Once again, it's not any big powerhouse by any means but I'm looking here, and it looks like a made peak torque at about 3500 rpm. We're looking at 327 foot-pounds of torque and around 4,300. It made peak horsepower at 238, which once again, will be way more than enough for this engine."

Joe: “And your car weighs like what 2800 pounds?"

Darrian: “Yeah 2,900 is what it's built at for curb weight with a V8 installed.”

Joe: “So what year Comet?”

Darrian: “62”

Joe: “It's going to be cool.”

Darrian: “Yeah I'm pretty excited to get it in and get it going.”

Joe: “You know, honestly, I didn't expect this to be this together. I expected the water pump to be in a box off to the side, and the carburetor and the distributor. This is kind of amazing.”

Darrian: “Yeah, I mean it really does come a lot more together than what I was even expecting. You put it perfectly. The carburetor already comes mounted to and everything set up there. Looks like they already have the distributor locked in and checked already. Water pump’s on, fuel pump’s on. You know I'm kind of like you. I kind of figured everything would be in different boxes and have to kind of assemble it here. Even comes with spark plug wire separators, to try to organize the spark plugs.”

Joe: “There’s no water neck on it, no thermostat, but otherwise this thing is pretty darn close to ready to run. You’re going to send us burn out videos when you get it in the car right?”

Darrian: “Oh for sure.”

Joe: “Okay, well thanks for sharing. This is kind of a special day for you, thanks for sharing with us and thanks to everybody for watching.”

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