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Promo: MAY20    Expires: 5/26/20
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Tech Talk Omega Kustom Quad Gauge Set


Using a signal generator to simulate the signal that would come from the electronic speedometer sender in your car, Darrian addresses how to program the speedometer in the Omega Kustom Quad Gauge Kit. The version A style Omega gauge has two connectors on the back. The six-pin connector covers power ground and the external push button. The four-pin connecter covers all of the connections for the electronic speed signal generator.

Darrian uses a simulator to demonstrate how to program the gauge. First, connect the four-pin and six-pin connectors. Once power is supplied to the unit, drive the beginning of your measured mile. Then, press and hold the push button switch. Hello will display. Then go to clear odometer, cycle the button twice, and “self hi” will display. When this happens, press and hold the button. Wait until “pending” displays, and press the button one more time. “Self hi” will display again. Now the device is in the programming mode.

Once in the programming mode, drive your measured mile and come to a complete stop. One last time, press the button. It will display “calculating” and then it will show “done”. Programming the gauge is that simple! Thanks for tuning in. If you have any other questions, feel free to call our Speedway Motors tech support line for help.

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