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Tech Talk Omega Kustom 3-N-1 Gauge Set


In the third and final instructional video on the Omega Kustom Gauges, Darrian explains how to program the 3-N-1 omega gauge. These units are slightly different that the other gauges because they have two six-pin connectors. One connector covers power, ground, external pushbutton switch and speed signal input. The other covers the oil pressure sensor and coolant temperature sensor. Darrian, once again, connects the unit to a signal generator to simulate programming the speedometer in an actual car.

Start the process with the unit turned off. Push and hold the push button switch in, and turn the power on. “Set up” will display, then push the button three times until “CALdAnn” displays. Push and hold the button again, numbers will flash, push the button one more time and zero will display. This means you are in the calibrated drive a mile function. Be sure to drive as close to a mile as you can, and keep in mind that time is not a factor. Once you’ve driven the mile, come to a complete stop. Push the button one more time. The numbers will begin to flash, and this is when you need to turn off your vehicle. Power it back on again, not pressing the push button. The device should now be in working order. If you have any other questions, feel free to call our tech line for help. Thanks for following along!

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