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2018 Racer Appreciation Week: Facebook Live Videos

Tags: Videos, Race
Machine Shop

Check out Monday's Facebook live video with Machine Shop Manager, Dave. Dave takes us through a tour of the machine shop showing a variety of parts being made in real time - right here in Lincoln, Nebraska. This video gives you a sneak peak behind the scenes of how IMCA spindles and other parts are made!

Shock Technology

Tuesday's Facebook live video is at Speedway's new Shock Technologies and Pro Shocks Production Building with one of the lead shock techs, Kyle. Watch a Pro G series shock on the dyno, the assembly of base values, and the wide variety of parts they have for your shocks. The Speedway Motors Shock Rebuild Center can service, dyno, rebuild or revalue for all of your needs.

Museum of American Speed

Join us for a walk through of the Museum of American Speed with the museum curator, Tim, and race historian, Bob. They explore the history of safety equipment throughout the years of racing along with a wide variety of other treasures featured in the museum.

New Race Parts

Thursday's video features a variety of new parts that can be found in our latest Race catalog and on our website. Scott, one of Speedway's race techs, showcases the parts and describes the unique benefit of each product. Check out our newest products to get ready for the season!

My Race Pass

For our Friday Facebook live video, we are visiting our friends at MyRacePass. Chris, from MyRacePass, is showcasing their latest app. Watch our Facebook live video to see all of the features and benefits that this app provides!

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