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On any given Friday or Saturday evening, thousands of racers come together to do battle at their local short tracks. Though the competition and technology have come a long ways, the roots of it all remain unchanged. Success often comes from sacrifice and it rarely happens overnight. No matter how big the stakes, each driver puts everything they have on the line each time they take to the track. It all comes down to who has the right combination of control and chaos to determine who will stand atop the podium once the dust settles.

Every weekend, men and women from all walks of life take it to the track to put it on the line. It’s about more than taking a pile of circle track racing parts and building it into a car. It's is the thrill of competition. We salute you, the racer, who keeps dirt track racing alive.

We all look forward to each and every racing season. You can feel the thunderous V8 vibration in your chest. You can smell the sweet waft of methanol in the air. You can wipe the dust from your face, but not the smile. Dirt Track racing is a phenomena with roots in racers who pit their mechanical ability, their driving skill, and their bravery against others in a contest of speed and endurance.

Dirt Track Racing Near Me

As with all forms of organized racing, dirt track racing sanctioning bodies help support local racetracks, drivers and fans by promoting safe, competitive and accessible circle track racing. These sanctioning bodies are committed to making the best efforts to achieve and maintain excellence in the area of dirt track racing by offering fair, consistent and affordable rules within the United States. Sanctioning bodies provide a fair and consistent regulatory framework in an effort to preserve and promote the sport of dirt track racing. Circle track racing sanctioning bodies are organizations that are charged with the responsibility of overseeing the competition, rules and regulations of dirt track car racing. Dirt track racing sanctioning bodies within the United States include:

  • Great Plains/Western Regions - IMCA
  • North Central Region - WISSOTA
  • Midwest/Eastern/Southeastern Regions - UMP DIRTcar
  • Midwest/South Central Regions - USRA
  • Central Region - USMTS
  • National - USAC
  • National - ASCS
  • National - POWRi

Dirt Track Racing Cars & Classes

Popular dirt track racing divisions/classes across the United States include:

  • Dirt Modified - Heavily-modified production-based race cars with open wheels in the front and closed wheels in the back
  • Stock Car - Also known as Street Stock, these full-bodied production cars are built from V8-powered mid-size street cars
  • Hobby Stock - Also known as Pure Stock, these entry-level racers utilize crate engines to keep costs down
  • Sport Mod - Also known as B-Mod, Limited Mod or Crate Mod, these budget-conscious racers are similar to Modifieds but with more restrictive rules
  • Sprint Car - High-powered open wheel race cars, some featuring aerodynamic wing devices - the pinnacle of dirt track racing
  • Midget Car - Midget Racing features smaller versions of Sprint Cars, without wings, powered by 4-cylinder engines
  • Dirt Late Model - Full-bodied, tube-frame race cars featuring advanced suspension systems and aerodynamic elements
  • Other grassroots-level divisons include Mini Sprint (1000cc) and Micro Sprint (600cc), as well as Quarter Midgets and competitive Kart Racing

Dirt Track Racing for Beginners

Getting to pilot a race car around an oval track certainly is satisfying, but there’s so much more to the sport. Building a car from a pile of dirt track racing parts isn’t something just anybody can do. Taking those dirt car parts and assembling them into a race winning dirt oval track requires craftsmanship, science, street smarts, and determination. Every day, people from all walks of life share in this joy with their friends, family and children. It teaches many things about winning, about putting in the work and getting the reward.

Getting it built gets you to the race, but staying in winning form, all season long means you will need a steady supply of quality dirt track racing parts. There are consumables things you’ll use in every race like helmet tear offs, racing gloves,  fuel additives, engine oils,  gear lube and the like. In addition to these consumable dirt track racing parts, you’ll need other things like brake pads, racer’s tape, mud-x, and occasionally repair parts for those little on track mishaps that are bound to happen.

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