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Karting Safety Equipment Buyer's GuideKarting Safety Equipment Buyer's Guide

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Looking for dirt kart parts? We've got you covered! Speedway carries a full selection of racing go kart parts, mini wedge race car parts, and parts for several other competitive kart racing practices. Dirt track kart racing is an extremely fun and cost effective way to get into competitive racing. Karting has set itself up as a great stepping stone for many young drivers from all types of motorsports. However, the competitive scene of karting is seen the world over, attracting racer of all ages and walks of life. With several karting pracitices to choose from, your partners at Speedway Motors supply dirt racing go kart parts, mini wedge race car parts, oval kart parts, among many, many others.

Racing is so much more than something to do during your free weekends. As all racers know, racing becomes a part of you and is passed down to your family. Speedway Motors recognizes the need for quality Karting parts to fit any budget, expert technical support, and fast shipping to get your Karting parts when you need them. We are proud to offer a great selection of Karting parts so that we can be there for the next generation of racers, through all chapters of their racing story.

At Speedway, we carry a large selection of dirt track go kart parts, supplies, tools and more. From complete chassis, engines, wheels and tires, we have everything you need to get out on the track! Even if you have an entire rig already running, we have the right dirt kart parts to keep it on the track and performing like no other

Find all your karting parts Here: With years of research and real racing experience in the dirt racing go kart parts industry, the Speedway Motors team knows what racers demand when it comes to performance, durability and quality. Our parts are designed to boost your performance on the track. We carry a great selection of parts for racing go kart engines, suspension, and chassis, among others, that will keep you ahead of your competition. If you have questions about any part or about building a race engine, our technical support is available to help.

Here is a list of some part categories you will want to take a look at:

  • Karting Helmets and safety equipment are the most important of all karting parts. Our safety equipment will keep you protected throughout your racing career and help you continue what you love doing.
  • Our wide selection of karting wheels are state of the art and are produced by the top karting brands. A good dirt racing kart starts from the ground up.
  • We carry a variety of dirt and race karting tools and equipment to ensure you are able to keep your dirt, track, or mini wedge kart up and running throughout the season.
  • Karting steering wheels and components are what connect the driver to the track; it is the most important factor in terms of driver feedback and response to changing conditions. Take a look at our extensive steering wheel and compinent collection for your dirt or track racing kart.