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The most popular form of dirt track racing across the country, Dirt Modified racing is what most people think of when you talk about dirt track racing. A Mod racing, which is synonymous with Dirt Modified, has also gained significant recognition among racing enthusiasts. A Mod racing shares the same roots and evolution, where racers continuously modify their vehicles to gain a competitive advantage. Speedway Motors has all the Dirt Modified parts and A Mod parts accessories you'll ever need on our shelves year round to keep you prepared for whatever is thrown your way out on the track.

The Dirt Modified race car has become one of the most popular circle track race cars in North America. All across the United States and Canada, these hybrid machines, with their roots reaching clear back to World War II, can be found gunning it out for the checkered flag.

What Is a Dirt Modified?

The history of Dirt Modified racing is rich to be sure. In the early days, Dirt Modifieds were built from cars like the 1940 Ford that had a hot flathead or even a small block Chevy. The floater-type rear ends used back in those days were early Ford heavy duty truck stuff with those big wide five bolt patterns. If you look at a modern Dirt Modified today, you can still see the similarities with their prehistoric ancestors.

Modern Dirt Modifieds are cars built from 60's and 70's style GM perimeter frames. They maintain the factory-style front suspensions, albeit a bit tweaked. The rear axles are normally a quickchange or floater-type Ford 9" (a.k.a. Grand National rearend) and they normally have 3-bar or 4-bar style rear suspensions using coilover shocks. They are all powered by V8 cast iron block engines and are normally limited to around 370 cubic inches, depending upon the class rules and engine make that is used.

What Is an A-Mod?

A-Mod racing, also known as A-Modified racing, is a thrilling and highly competitive form of dirt track Modified racing that closely relates to Dirt Modified racing. Similar to Dirt Modifieds, A-Mod cars are specially built race cars designed for optimal performance on dirt tracks. The term "A Mod" is often used as a synonym for Dirt Modified, emphasizing the extensive modifications made by racers to gain an edge over their competitors. Compared to lesser Modified classes, A-Mods feature engine enhancements, more chassis adjustments, enhanced suspensions, and aerodynamic improvements. A-Mod racing showcases the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the racing community, as drivers and their teams continuously refine and innovate their vehicles to deliver exhilarating races. Whether it's the iconic Dirt Modified or the synonymous A-Mod racing, both forms exemplify the passion and dedication of drivers and fans in the thrilling world of dirt track racing.

Types of Dirt Modified Parts

We know you are itching to get your car out as soon as possible and enjoy the competition and comradery that Dirt Modified racing offers. Getting your car ready and having a reliable source for Dirt Modified parts is important. Speedway Motors understands the importance of having all the Dirt Modified parts you need to build your car from scratch, or to repair it after that hard weekend sprint for the checkered flag. 

Dirt Modified parts isn’t just a generic term. It doesn’t matter if you are piloting a car with E-Mod race car parts or if you’re in need of A-Mod dirt car parts, Speedway Motors has the selection, inventory and expertise required to keep you in title contention. We are so much more than parts; we are racers ourselves. Many of our sales associates race every weekend. If you have questions about Dirt Modified parts for sale, our staff is here to help you. Getting help selecting the best IMCA Modified parts is just call or click away. 

Our inventory of Modified stock car racing parts is extensive, including:

  • Complete frames and chassis
  • All front suspension components, shocks, coil over springs, standard springs, and custom shock valving
  • Rear suspension systems including J-bars, pull bars, four bar and 3 bar suspensions weight jacks, every thing needed to hook it up
  • Rear axles with a huge selection of Ford 9” floater housing, third members, and disc brakes
  • Clutch, driveshaft, transmission and starter parts and kits of all types and brands
  • Engine parts and complete crate engines including in house dyno service and certification
  • Cooling systems, radiators, radiator expansion tanks, water pumps and drive systems
  • Safety gear including racing seats, helmets, fire extinguishers, racing suits and gloves, HANS devices, window nets and more
  • Towing and trailer accessories like ratchet straps and tie downs, and trailer organizers
  • Body panels including fenders, door skins, bumpers, nose pieces anything required to complete your modified

Sanctioning Bodies of Dirt Modified Racing

No matter what series you race or where you compete, Speedway Motors works with all the major sanctioning bodies to keep a steady supply of parts on the ready. Obviously we’ve got tons of IMCA Modified parts, but we also cater to those that need Wissota Modified parts, UMP Modified parts, and 358 Modified parts. 

Every year, the doldrums of winter are shaken off by starting your search for Dirt Modified parts for sale and getting ready to hit the track. It’s a good feeling. An even better feeling is knowing that the IMCA modified parts you need to get that good feeling with are right here, on our shelves. Even if you race under UMP or Wissota, we have your back all year long, and have been since 1952. Get on track this year with Speedway Motors!