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A close relation to the Modified race car, Sport Mod racing offers a unique and cost effective alternative to full-blown Dirt Modified racing. This class of racing is known by a few different names, like Sport Modified, SportMod or B Mod. Speedway Motors is here with all the latest and greatest Sport Mod parts and accessories to outfit your race car for success. You can trust in the quality Sport Mod parts from Speedway Motors. Crate engines, transmissions, body panels, and everything in between - Sport Mod parts from Speedway Motors will give you an edge over the competition!

Modifed stock cars have been around a long time. This form of dirt track racing really took off after World War II. As it's name implies, they are more than a stock car. They have been highly modified, often the front sheet metal is removed or altered, the rear suspension is changed, a full roll cage is added as well as larger tires with increased horsepower. All modified stock cars have to adhere to very stringent rules and they all utilize factory frames and much of the suspension components must remain factory type components. The engines are held to strict rules as to the size of the engine, the compression ratio, factory block casting numbers and types of heads and carburetors that are allowed to be used. 

Today’s full blown modified race cars are highly refined machines with sophisticated suspension systems and specialty tires. This highly competitive and wildly popular form of oval track racing is further refined into many sub-classes that are designed for the entry level driver or for those who wish to start out in a simpler, less expensive car as they learn the ropes of Modified racing. 

What is Sport Mod Racing

Some of the common names for these more entry level classes are Sport Mod, B-Mod, IMCA Sport Mod, Crate Mod, Crate Modified,  Limited Modified, and Midwest Modified. Sport Mod parts differences in comparison to a regular Modifieds are necessary to keep costs down. Generally speaking, Crate Modified parts simplify and limit the horsepower of the engines, make the suspensions a little simpler and limit the tire sizes somewhat to help new drivers get acclimated to their cars and their tracks as well as allowing them to keep a little more money in their pocket due to these car’s less expensive parts and lower lap speeds. Don’t be fooled though, these entry level cars are plenty fast and they provide a great adrenaline rush of competition.

It might seem confusing, but because dirt track racing is a nationwide phenomena, the rules regarding Sport Mod parts can vary from area to area as well as track to track. In an attempt to keep things a bit more organized, there are several major Crate Modified sanctioning bodies throughout the country. These sanctioning bodies publish and enforce Crate Mod parts rules for these cars. Organizations include IMCA, WISSOTA and UMP, just to name a few. The most prevalent B-Mod dirt car parts sanctioning body is currently IMCA, or International Motor Contest Association. 

If you are wanting to get into Crate Modified racing, go to your local race track, find out who sanctions their races and get a copies of their rules. Find somebody who runs these cars, and you will quickly get a roadmap on how to get started. If you have more questions, Speedway Motors has a well staffed race tech line that can help you get familiar with the B-mod dirt car parts you need to get started. 

When it comes to getting Sport Mod Parts and IMCA Sport Mod Parts, you will want to be sure to get the right ones for your class and sanctioning body so you adhere to the rules. Speedway Motors is devoted to dirt track racing - our roots are in this sport. Our founder, "Speedy" Bill Smith, piloted the famed 4X Dirt Modified back when Modified racing was in it’s infancy. We carry all of the Limited Modified race car parts you need to build and maintain your car. It doesn’t matter if you need USRA B-Mod parts, IMCA Sprt Mod parts or Midwest Modified parts. We not only carry these parts, we make em! 

Crate Mod Engines

There’s a fairly new term out there for a type of Modified, and it’s called the Crate Modified. Back in the day, Modified racers were getting very creative with their engine programs. The rules were a little more loose and many cars had very, very expensive engines powering them. To help even the playing field, a new class of crate motor powered cars were implemented. These cars get to race alongside cars that use more traditional, owner-built engines. The Crate Mod or Crate Modified was born. We carry a full line of both the 602 and 604 GM crate racing engine. Ours our tested and rebuild right in our own racing engine machine shop. For those who are still building their own engines, we’ve got all the sanctioning body approved engine parts for those too. Things like IMCA and Wissota approved intake manifolds, cylinder heads, and carburetors. We even carry our own in house line up of crate engines if you don’t want to use the GM supplied units.

Differences Between B-Mod Dirt Car Parts

Limited Modifed race car parts are similar to the other budget-friendly Modified race cars. They are restricted to things like GM-style rear axles, instead of those from Ford. However, they use GM Metric frames similar to the other Modified racing cars. If you are in an area that requires Midwest Modifed parts, we you will find that their rule book will point you in Speedway Motors direction, because no matter what car you are building or racing, we have the b-mod dirt car parts you need. 

Many tracks will post the rules for the types of cars that run at their track. If you are going to race a B-Mod, you will need to adhere to track rules posted on their website. When it comes to getting the b-mod dirt car parts, you can stay right here with us. For tracks that adhere to the sanctioning body rules, it’s a bit easier. So, if you are going to run an IMCA Sport Mod, you can go right to the IMCA website to see the current rule book for that car.  IMCA Sport Mod parts are on our shelves now, ready for those events. You don’t have to memorize all the types of Sport Modified race car parts that are out there - just start with some research of your local track.