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Speedway Motors is proud to be a part of grass roots dirt track racing. For thousands of racers across the country, their need for speed is found behind the wheel of a Hobby Stock race car. Hobby Stock racing is famous for being a bit rough and parts can take a beating. We strive to keep only the latest and greatest selection of Hobby Stock parts and safety equipment on our shelves; in stock and ready to ship at the moment you need it.

"Stock Car" is a term used pretty loosely. Historically speaking,  it is a word used to describe an American-built midsize sedan or coupe that is modified to race on an oval track. Stock car racing began well before World War II. Back in those days, the roar of Flathead V8s in a Ford coupe or sedan was the flavor of the day.

The competition heated up in the 50’s with Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler getting into the Stock Car racing game. Many a race was dueled out on sands of Daytona Beach long before asphalt paved tracks were a thing. When factories got involved, the races became heated - legends were born and songs were sung.

In a sense, those cars, with their factory engines were filled full of pure stock dirt car parts because they came from the factory that way! That’s why we call them “Stock Cars” to this day. We just don’t want to equate “stock” with boring or slow, though! 

Today, just about every town in the USA and Canada has a dirt track within reach. One of the most common types of stock cars is the Hobby Stock, also known as the Pure Stock. These types of cars go by many names, but they all appear stock, retaining most of the factory suspension, frame, and engine components. You will find many of these types of cars laced throughout the country. They remain one of the most important and popular cars in dirt track racing. Here are some of the more common classes Speedway Motors supports on any given weekend:

  • IMCA Hobby Stock parts for Great Plains and Western regions
  • Wissota Pure Stock parts for North Central region
  • USRA Hobby Stock parts for Midwest and South Central regions

The typical Hobby Stock race car parts consist of a midsize sedan chassis with small block V8 engines. The GM "Metric" chassis is a very popular platform. Many tracks allow other models and makes, like midsize Ford or Chrysler cars as well. Most limit the engines to around 358-370 cubic inches, and some Pure Stock classes like those from Wissota require no larger than 305, 318 or 302 cube engines.

You can bet that Speedway Motors caters to the need for Pure Stock dirt car parts, no matter where you run at or who’s banner you run under. The rules regarding Hobby Stock race car parts are pretty rigid, so be sure to read the rule book for the track or sanctioning body you are racing under. One thing is certain; using these types of factory-based cars insures that a good supply of dirt track Street Stock parts will always be easy to find.

No matter what sanctioning body you run under or what track you are at, Hobby Stock race car parts are readily available at Speedway Motors. Dirt track Street Stock parts of all styles and rules are available on our shelves. Even if you are racing stock classes like Wissota that require genuine Wissota Pure Stock parts, or IMCA and you need spec IMCA Hobby Stock parts, or USRA Hobby Stock parts, Speedway Motors is well stocked. Not only do we carry these parts, we also produce many of them in-house.

Some of the specialty pieces you will need are things like roll cage kits, spindles and brakes, shock packages, body panels, nose and tail pieces, racing seats, engine parts and fuel systems, racing suits and window nets. Our Hobby stock dirt car parts are in high demand, so don't miss out. The checkered flag waits for nobody!

Taking a shelf full of Hobby Stock race car parts and bolting or welding them to a car doesn’t win the race. Knowledge and experience matter. When you need help setting up dirt track Street Stock parts, look to the experts at Speedway Motors. Many from our seasoned staff race hobby stocks every weekend, so help is just a click or call away.