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Woodward Fab Bead Roller Review

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Fancy parts aren't the only thing we carry here at Speedway Motors. We also carry the tools needed to make those custom fancy parts as well. Like the Woodward Fab Bead Roller that Speedway Motors employee Adam S. took some time to look over recently. He shares his thoughts below...

If you do any kind of sheet metal work, a bead roller should definitely be on your list of things to buy! You may think a bead roller is out of your budget, but think again. The Woodward Fab 18 Inch Bead Roller with Dies, from Speedway Motors (#419-1000) is just what you need, and it’s affordable! This heavy duty bead roller comes with six different sets of dies. Included are three different sized stepped dies as well as three sizes of bead dies. Everything you need to start forming beads is in the box, including instructions.

Mounting the bead roller is as simple as clamping it in a bench vise, clamping to a table, or using the pre-drilled and tapped holes to mount it to a stand for a more permanent solution. Additional holes can easily be drilled to mount the bead roller as shown in the picture. The bead roller comes partially assembled and you can be making panels in less than 10 minutes. Just tighten the bolts, add some grease, and install the crank handle along with the appropriate dies, and you’re ready to go.

This is another easy to use tool from Speedway Motors that will make your sheet metal look completely professional in no time!

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